Ávéd János Balance

János Ávéd – saxophone
Márton Fenyvesi – guitar
Ákos Benkó – drums

We have been working together for many years and are also good friends. Instead of fixing This projects hardly use the experience of fitting our musical ideas to each other and have the skill of composing together “real time”. We are always trying to surprise the audience and ourselves as well in hope of having music as a collective experience. Our need of the constant renewal lead us playing our originals in totally free form as a flow of fixed or spontaneously raising themes and free improvisation. This melodies can be derivated from our originals, from mainstream jazz or classical music. We don’t use bass that helps us to leave our comfort zone of playing and find alternative solutions as the “new balance” of the sound. They scored full marks featuring David Binney at Palace of Arts, Budapest in 2013.