János Ávéd Quartet

Ávéd János – saxophone
Fassang László – piano, rhodes
Horváth Balázs – bass
Sárvári-Kovács Zsolt – drums

As characteristic members of the hungarian jazz scene János, Balázs and Zsolt can put the jazz thinking of this music. László Fassang plays a highly important role in classical improvisation and organ-life in Hungary. Their different traditions lead this improvisational music to a style-independent abstract musical language, where you can find Messiaen, Bartók or Bach’s music, jazz-standards, free-improvisations, and originals.
“We don’t mix any styles. Our research is trying to define what style is.”


All The Things You Are (J. Kern)
All The Things You Are

New Page (J. Ávéd) + Improvisation 1# (Fassang-Ávéd-Sárvári)
New Page + Improvisation 1#

Bluesette (T. Thielemans)

Blackout (J. Ávéd)

Improvisation 2# (Fassang-Ávéd-Sárvári)
Improvisation 2#

Hommagé á Keith Jarrett (L. Fassang)
Hommagé á Keith Jarrett